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About GCS Garage Conversions

We at Garage Conversion Specialists offer the complete garage conversion service from contacting the local authority for building regulations - to the last decorating finishes.

Through our own experiences we know that many families need more space but cannot afford to move to a bigger house.

A standard garage is 5m x 2.4m, which means you will have extra living space of 12 square metres. That's a lot of living space, which at the moment, is currently redundant and simply waiting to be put to good use for you and your family.

We can convert your garage into:

  • Playroom
  • Study
  • Dining room
  • Extra bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Mini gym
  • Home entertainments room
  • Family room
  • Sauna...
  • It's up to you. The list is endless!

Even if you do not want to convert your whole garage and you want to leave the door on, we can do a part conversion. This means you can keep the front part for storage like bikes etc. whilst the remainder is converted into a room of your choice. This does not change the look of the front of your house but gives you extra living space.
From your first contact with The Garage Conversion Specialists to the completion of your garage conversion, we will always be on hand to advise you and answer any questions you may have.

After your initial call we will arrange a time to come and see you at your convenience to provide you with a free no obligation quotation.

Rather than pushy ‘’salesmen’’ or ‘’ representatives’’ to carry out our quotations, we prefer to visit each potential client ourselves. We always pay the utmost attention to the finest details this ensures we get it right first time thus avoiding problems and extra costs later on in your project.

You can rest assured that from start to finish when dealing with our The Garage Conversion Specialists you will be dealing with time served trades people who are there to advise you every step of the way.

On the first visit we will take down all the details of the proposed conversion. We take digital pictures of your windows and bricks so we can match them.

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garage conversion

We will then provide you with a comprehensive quote, copy of our Guild of Master Craftsmen certificate and pictures of previous work. At this time we also offer the opportunity for you to go and look at some of our previous work or speak to some of our previous customers, because we know from experience, the only way to judge a builder is to look at previous work and speak to previous customers.

If you accept our quote we will then agree a convenient start date with you.

Once we start the work we will not leave the job until it is completed.

On a single garage conversion we do not ask for a deposit prior to starting your conversion and invoice you when the conversion is completed.

Our quotations are fixed.

With The Garage Conversion Specialists the price you see on your quotation is the price you pay at the end of the garage conversion. When we give you a price we stick to it ! We pride ourselves in being the experts in our field and making sure the customer is 100 % happy when there garage conversion is finished so they recommend us to friends and family.

With The Garage Conversion Specialists you can feel confident that the service you are paying for will be professional, of the highest quality and carried out with care and concern by reliable people.

When bricking up the front of the garage we tooth out the existing brickwork on both sides of the garage so when we have finished the conversion it will look as if it has always been a part of the house.

We will match all internal features such as doors and skirting so once the conversion is completed it will seem as if it is part of the original construction.

When finished we will organise the final inspection and completion certificate. When you have received this certificate we will give you our invoice.

Before we leave we will tidy all disturbed areas and jet wash your drive so you will never know any work has taken place.

Within our quote we allow for submitting the building notice and dealing with the local authorities throughout the conversion.

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About Northampton Garage Conversions

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GARAGE Conversions Northampton

303/3 Heathfield Way Kingsheath Buisness Park Northampton NN5 7QP

01604 493421



When getting your garage converted you must ensure that it is carried out to building regulations or you may have problems if you ever want to sell your house. All of our conversions are built to current regulations which the final certificate will show.

Building regulations for garage conversions are a legal requirement even where formal planning is not required.

If you do not obtain this approval it could lead to difficulties when you come to sell your property, the local council may even ask you to convert it back to a garage !

Who ever you get to carry out your conversion you MUST make sure that they deal with all of this on your behalf to make sure your conversion is safe and to current building regulations.

We at Garage Conversion Specialists always deal with these matters on your behalf. On your acceptance of our quotation will pay and submit the building notice to your local authority. Then throughout the conversion we will liaise will the local authorities and get inspections at various stages. Then on completion you will be issued with your completion certificate.

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When converting your garage planning permission is rarely needed. But we always advise our customers to phone there local authority before work commences to check that there are no covenants on your property or in the area, where planning permission may be required to convert your garage. If you do need planning permission don’t worry we can take care of everything on your behalf !

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